Olis Roc is a family business founded in 2015 by the Torremadé brothers: Elisa, Ia and Joan.

The curiosity that we have for the world of the oleiculture, we could say that is within our genetic code. It was customary in all family events that our grandparents talked about the olive farms of Vallbona de les Monges, Grandma Ramona told stories directed with great emotion; Stories that maintained a strong romantic component where the family passion for these lands of Lérida was revealed.

None of us had had any direct contact with the field, on the contrary, we worked and lived in Barcelona; Each in a very different field: Enterprise, design and hospitality. But one day, the latent restlessness came to life, perhaps it was the memory of our grandmother Ramona or the need to create something that gave meaning to family values.

And so we decided to found a company dedicated to the production of extra virgin olive oil 100% of our Arbequino olive trees with the Roc Gourmet brand. Name coming from the house of Vallbona de les Monges.

In fact, Roc Gourmet is not just created by us. Our company is the memory of our grandparents and great grandparents, the commitment to the land and the sacrifice. We wanted to transfer all those values to the 21st century by betting on innovation and the pursuit of excellence, but always maintaining the passion that our grandparents transmitted to us when, without hesitation, they told us: Children this is the best oil in the world!

Our company is based on clear business values:

  • Responsabilidad medioambiental y social.
  • Honestidad para y con los consumidores.
  • Alta calidad de los productos avalada por certificaciones y estrictos controles.
  • Innovación y desarrollo de productos exclusivos y vanguardistas.

Despite being a family business and its recent market launch, the Roc Gourmet brand has a solid marketing network that enables the presence of its products at national and international level.

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