Olis Roc Own its own olive trees, and we are hugely aware about the care we must give to them in order to preserve our legacy, a large familiar tradition.

All out olive trees have more than 100 years and they are, exclusively, Arbequina variety. The Arbequina Olive tree has the proper weather conditions to offer us the best olives. The intense hot in summer and the extreme cool in winter give special intensity to the fruit of our Olive Trees. Our Fields doesn’t have artificial irrigation methods, being the most respectful than we can with the environment. Looking for the sustainability of the environment we avoid the use of chemical products on the olive trees. Only acting like this we can offer the most natural product for our customers.


  • Arbeca (Lleida)
  • Provincia de Lleida y Tarragona

  • Poco
  • Brotes más bien largos, pocos ramificados, sin ramos adventicios ni chupones.
  • Gris verde osucuro
  • HOJA

  • Anclada con bordes no espesados, ensachada por el ápice, mucrón pequeño.
  • Haz verde ocráceo, envés gris amarillo verdoso.

  • Ovalada, corta, casi simétrica.
  • Pequeño, 0,80 a 1,20g
  • 17,2% a 19,5%
  • 67 a 76%

Olivos Arbequina Olis Roc


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