At we want our customers to be satisfied with their purchases and therefore, in the event that they find any problems, they can return their purchase or change it.

For this reason, we offer our customers a maximum period of 14 calendar days to return your order or change it from the date of receipt.

The product to be returned or to be changed must carry the original packaging and labeling in the best possible conditions, suitably packaged and protected. Items to return or to change must be in the same state in which they were sent to the customer when they are received at

No change or return will be allowed on custom items or on items that require special modifications or custom made products.

Returns or changes can be generated by some of the following 2 reasons:

Defective product.
Return the product because the customer does not like it for any reason
To make a return or a change it is preferable that the client sends us an email to or by calling us at 933 666 795 indicating the following information:

In the case of a return: the reason for the return (we want to know your opinion), the number of your order and a number of c / c where you can make a transfer in favor of the customer.
Return by product of defective order: Once the customer has notified us via e-mail or telephone, will proceed to order MRW to pick up the defective product in the same address that was delivered. Once the product is in and verified its defective state will proceed to send the customer the same item with a product in good condition or the return of money within 5 days after the receipt of the product in the number of c / C provided by the customer. Cluster 2T’s. Will bear the cost of all shipping.

In case the product is visibly used or manipulated the money will not be returned and the product will be returned to the customer assuming the customer the payment of the new shipment.

If the shipment was made from the start correctly and after the 14 days at the disposal of the customer from the reception of the order, the customer can return the product received according to the guarantee of the product itself assuming the client the shipping costs to

Return because the customer does not like the requested product: in this case, and taking into account that the customer receives the requested product with the requested features and in good condition, the customer will assume the payment of return of the order to Once the product has been examined, the money will be returned within 5 business days upon receipt of the order or product by bank transfer to the number of c / c provided by the customer. Or the customer may change the product by another or others by paying or receiving the economic difference.

Product change: Once notified of the change, Cluster 2T’s will proceed to the collection order from MRW at the address where it was delivered. The cost of sending the product from the customer’s address to our warehouse will be borne by the customer. The next shipment generated, with the change made in size or color or in a new product will be free for the client. For subsequent changes on the same order, the customer will be responsible for payment of all shipping charges. When the order or product object of the change in Cluster is received, the new shipment will be made within the next 5 business days. Differences in prices between products or price differences, if any, in changes in sizes or colors, etc., will be notified to the customer as well as shipping costs, if any, to proceed with payment before departure. Merchandise from our facilities.

In any of the mentioned cases of return or change of the order this should be returned with the material associated with promotions as gifts or accessories in case there is to be returned the amount of the order. They must be returned with their original packaging and in perfect condition with the order.



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